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CNS Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that supports all marketers.

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Marketing research
We will support your marketing activities with high-level analytical skills and survey techniques suited to the theme
Comparative Analysis Studies Mystery Shopper Studies
We will determine the strengths and weaknesses of your company's products and user attributes, etc., either qualitatively or quantitatively, through comparative analysis of such factors as the motivation to purchase your product or a competitor's product and criteria for choosing certain products. We will select survey respondents from among 400,000 residents nationwide, according to regional and customer attributes. We realize a more accurate study by such means as providing instruction to ensure a uniform level of evaluation and by using a data collection system that collects study results instantaneously.
New Product Studies Evaluation Studies
We will determine the user attributes and marketability of new products and the impact they may have on your company's product at the initial stages of market introduction. At CNS, we use our qualitative and quantitative analytical skills for all types of product evaluation during the development process, including concepts and market products.
Customer Satisfaction Index Studies Overseas Market Studies
We will determine your company's customer satisfaction level and particular problems, etc., by not simply looking at your customers but by conducting comparative analyses with the customers of other companies. We will provide support from designing the evaluation standards to conducting the analysis itself. We are affiliated with survey companies in the United States, the European Union and Asia and conduct all types of studies from consumer surveys to market research and competitor studies.