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In order to promote customer satisfaction activities more effectively, it is absolutely essential to raise the motivation of the employees who support those activities. At CNS, we do not simply hold the objectives of "an ideal company for employees" and "rejuvenation of the work place." We clearly delineate factors that hinder customer satisfaction activities from the viewpoint of employees. We assist in the creation of an internal corporate environment to promote customer satisfaction in a seamless manner.
Services to Support
We provide indirect support for your company's marketing activities by compiling and analyzing internal corporate studies and campaign results. Other support services include acting as your agent in the management of campaign headquarters.
Deployment of
Survey staff that have completed a 12-month course will support your marketing research. We will dispatch appropriate personnel to handle individual research, including interviewers, clerical staff and tape transcribers.* We also dispatch free moderators.
Web Marketing
We possess very sophisticated monitor panel organization called "imi-net", and many of those panels are available for both on-line and off-line surveys.
There more than 420,000 registrants and they are potential respondents from whom you could derive important message and insight through studying them.
Notably, unlike most of common online panels, our "imi-net" monitors are available to cooperate with not only internet surveys but also for face-to-face surveys such as focus group interviews, in-depth interviews, or even home-visit interviews which can be used as an ethnographic approach.
In other words, they are not just "virtual", they are "real" human who have minds, nature and humanity. Our panels "imi-net", are the monitors who can be "real cooperators" for you to make your project more fruitful and insightful.
Support System
We provide a diverse array of solutions to realize effective, efficient marketing activities-including the ASP survey system, a cell phone Web marketing tool, a mobile monitoring management tool, and the Mystery Shopper Web management tool.